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What is Local SEO?
Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a business, product, or service for a search query that is location-specific. Google (and other search engines) uses a user’s location based on IP address (for desktop) and geolocation (for mobile) to determine what results to show the user. So when someone searches for Dentist, Car Wash, or Locksmith, the search engine will display businesses relevant to their location.

Local Search Results
Typical search results are made up of Local Pack (Google My Business) and Organic Results (websites).

Local SEO Basics: What Is Local SEO?. Image 3
A local search strategy can include multiple aspects to increase business visibility. This can include:

Paid Ads - Above the Local Pack
GMB - The Local Pack
Organic - Below the Local Pack
As a local SEO practitioner, I concentrate on providing organic visibility (non-paid). However, there is always a time and place for using paid ads; this would be when you are starting on your local SEO journey and are not appearing within the local pack or organic search result.

It could also be when your competitors run ads at certain times of the day and are pushing your organic visibility down the page; you may want to maintain a presence during those hours too.

Google My Business
Google My Business provides highly visible business branding directly in search results with a knowledge panel. Google is also increasing options for users to interact with the businesses directly from search results via your Google My Business page with the following options:

Booking Appointments
Requesting Quotes
Messaging Directly
Without a GMB page, you may miss half of your opportunities in a local search result and the local pack.

Depending on the keyword market/s your business' website is ranking (or close to ranking), how competitive the keyword market is, and your budget and timeline will determine the strategy and costs involved. For a free discovery meeting and consultation, please contact us using our Contact Us form or call to request a phone meeting.




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