Note to future clients:

We are contructing this website using a platform that is being custom-built concurrently, therefore we are limited as to what we can and cannot do. This will change as we work out the bugs. So please excuse us while we work through these things.

We choose this platform because we needed something that is super-simple on which to build out our marketplace. Most eCommerce platforms, with a shopping cart, have so many unnecessary bells and whistle a person can spend more time learning the platform then building out their shop.  Who has the time for that? Not us!   We choose this platform for it ease-of-use and because we were looking for an ecommerce type platform where we can organize our products and services in a new and exciting way. Seriously, have you seen other digital marketing agencies do this?

Our goal as a digital marketing agency is to be transparent, because we think business owners appreciate this approach. Have you ever gone to a meeting with a representative pitching you on an expensive product/service only to discover later that something far less expensive could have helped you reach your goal?  Often a business owner, looking for online marketing help, has to jump through hoops to get the kind of information and pricing on what you will find here, on our website.

I do not blame agencies for not publishing their pricing, it is not meant to be deceptive.  There are many variables to a project so if it is not properly vetted by an experienced digital marketer, it can tie up unexpected resources.  At best, a project not priced correcty can financially hurt the agency and the waste the client's time.  

Our approach is to give you starting costs and provide information on how we derived at that cost so we can manage expectations.  Just keep in mind that most all prices are negotiable because of the many variables.  We want to give you value so if we see that your project is less work then what we are proposing here in the marketplace, we will go down in our price, but expect the opposite if your project is more complicated.  We will spell everything out for each project either on the website and when we speak on the phone or meet in person.

We are looking to build long term client relationships and strive to negotiate deals that are win-win.  And although we would like to take on an infinite amount of clients, we have our limits as we grow.  Not all clients will qualify for our monthly services, but we can start off small, and build out a successful campaign and then entertain long-term business dealings. We want to partner with you in your business' continued and future success.