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Don't Risk Losing Sales By Confusing Your Clients
Don't Risk Losing Sales By Confusing Your Clients
Posted By - Gina Mindock
Category - Selling

It only makes sense, that a hard to understand offer is an enemy of a sale.  Do you think your potential clients have time to try and piece together who you are, what you do and what you are offering? Of coures, they don't. Buyers want to be sure of what they are getting for their money. If your copy or ad does not have an easy to understand message it will most likely reflect in reduced number of sales.

Also, this does not end with the exchange of money or the signing of contracts. Even after a sale, its important your customer continues to feel confident they made the correct decision to invest in your products or services. This can be accomplished by being transparent on what the client can expect post-sale. Believe me, this step cannot be over-emphasized enough on its importance.

Lets get back to how you communicate your offer.

The following advice, below, is general and can work whether you are giving a sales presentation, writing copy for your website, advertisements, etc.  

- Donʼt hold back on the important details. I see far too often-service based businesses not sharing their prices on their website or marketing material. Perhaps this is a personal preference or because there are competitors ready to undercut you on price, but 9 out of 10 times people need to make quick decisions, so if they know your cost, at least a ball-park, they may call you first.  Just make sureyou provide justification for the cost. You can always have a disclaimer that until you speak and understand their specific project the prices are not a quote.  If they want a specific quote they should call you. And let them know, the cost could be significantly lower once all the detials are available.

- Donʼt share unnecessary information.  For example, if youʼre a personal trainer - you want to convince an ideal client why they should improve their health and fitness with you by their side. You donʼt need to go into the history of personal training or the anatomy of arm muscles to convince someone to work with you. People donʼt want to waste time reading about that.

- Donʼt be a department store. As much as you might have to offer the world, you canʼt be everything to everyone. You must stick to your zone of genius and have offers and products that reflect the impact you want to create through your business. 3 solid offers is significantly more effective than 30 mediocre pitches. 5 consistently selling products is better than 50 that arenʼt generating revenue.

- Lastly, get fresh eyes to critique your message.  It is good practice to get opinions from colleages. Ask them if they understand immediately what you are trying to communicate. Next, if possible, ask those outside your business, preferably someone who would be considered your perfect client. Are they confused? Make sure you ask probing questions of them, because sometimes people will say they understand, but once you start asking questions, you will immediately know where your messaging is failing. 

As you continue to build a life and business you love, remember this…“A confused mind does not buy.”


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