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Get In The Game: The Power Of A Facebook Business Page
Get In The Game: The Power Of A Facebook Business Page
Posted By - Gina Mindock
Category - Facebook

Do you have a personal profile on Facebook?  Are you thinking about starting a business or wanting to grow? Have you created a Facebook business page that sets you up for online success?  Regardless, I want you to know that there is tremendous power that comes from utilizing a Facebook business page.

The following is why you need to improve your Facebook page or create one:

1.) It adds legitimacy to your brand. 

Think of an “open” sign on the door of a traditional brick & motor shop. A Facebook Business Page is a flashing “open for business” sign! It lets potential customers or clients see that you are a legitimate business owner who is ready to serve them.

2.) You can collect client/customer reviews.

People like to buy or work with somebody that they know, like & trust. You want to have testimonials available for potential customers or clients to see the value your business offers.

3.) It makes advertising accessible.

You donʼt need to hang up posters around town or pay to be on big billboards. You can grow your community by using Facebook ads, including in video format, to reach new clients or customers. Your advertising budget can reach as many leads as you have the expensives for. 

4.) You can save time on content creation.

With a Facebook Business page, you can connect to your Instagram profile. You can “crosspost” your content between the two! Something that you post on instagram can automatically be shared to your business page which saves you time on posting & creating new content.