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You may be asking yourself, "Why would a local digital marketing agency, like Voltz Local, use an eCommerce platform to present their offerings to businesses?" Well, even if you were not asking, we would like to answer this important question. Afterall, it is a bit unusual.

This is how we see it. Since each local business is vastly different from one another, it is a challenge for a digital marketing agency to recommend, on a static website, specific solutions to a client absent of a discovery meeting; what makes sense for a chiropractor's office who has already employed digital marketing in the past, for instance, does not make sense for a pizza shop who is new to internet marketing. This is why most internet marketing companies shy away from publishing pricing or listing every little thing they do. It is nearly impossible to recommend the best strategy without niche and business specific information gathered from the potential client. 

However, from our experience, we believe busy business owners appreciate more transparency and would like to understand the value of digital marketing services upfront; they would like to know all their choices, what's involved and, also, have an understanding of the associated costs, before committing to a discovery meeting. As a result, we chose to display our products and services, replete with pricing, using an eCommerce platform. In other words, this marketplace was created this way for the sole purpose of helping you, the business owner, make important decisions for your company as quickly as possible. (To learn more about our shop go here)

Feel free to browse around our shop.  Most products can be purchased directly from this website, however we recommend you get guidance on how to choose among our offerings. The purpose of this Shopping Guide is to provide guidance by matching the most appropriate products and services, we offer, to the most common business objectives, at the lowest price, with the highest probability of meeting these business objectives in a certain time-frame.  (Also, review our FAQ to get answers to more generic questions you may have, like, "How do I navigate the marketplace?" or "What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?", plus a myriad of other answers to common questions.)   If, however, you want more personalized assistance, you can request a phone 'discovery' meeting by completing our Contact Us form. This way we can provide you a more tailor-made recommendation using the information we gather during this phone call.  

We look forward to working with you!



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Here you will find a collection of articles specifically written for business entrepreneurs, like yourself, who are charged with attracting, converting, and retaining customers in a specific location.  From tips and guides, to out of the box ideas, that can help your business stand out and grow in your highly competitive, crowded, local marketplace by using online and traditional marketing strategies, and much more!  Don't miss out! Sign up to get these weekly articles sent to your inbox!

Please contact us if you would like to submit a guest post or if there is a particular subject about which you would like us to consider writing.  Below are our most recent articles; go here if you want to read more.

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